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Is this group going to do anything? There is nothing scheduled for June or July. Are we going to have any more happy hours. Why does NJYP have so many events and we have none. The age groups overlap ( NJYP 21 to 39 ; NJP 35 to 50 ) so why can't this group get active. Maybe we should have some events that both groups can attend, maybe it might spark some interest from the NJP group and maybe some of the NJYP members who are in the 35 to 39 yr age range might try attending some NJP run events.

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Hey Frank - It's because the Members of NJYP go to the events I post; the Members of NJP do not. Check out what went on when I tried to give NJP Member what they said they wanted in a survey,


And out of those trial events these were overlap events.  This still didn't seem to get NJP Members inspired.


Friday, February 25, 2011
Lunch-n-Learn for Biz Owners in Red Bank
3 RSVPs -


Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Links and Drinks in New Brunswick
10 RSVPs -

I agree!  Let's do something.  Also is this group on Meetup just like NJYP?
Yes, it is also on Meetup.

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