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Hello All:


I am just trying to get a feel how many members would be interested in a day at Monmouth Raceway to watch the horses go round and round. 


They have private picnic areas that can be reserved with a party package that includes food, soda and beer.  Wine can be included at an additional cost.


I am not a gambler, however I have been to this area and it is a fun day.  What do you think about food, friends (old & new), drinks and betting a few dollars to make it exciting?

I am looking towards late spring.  If there is enough of an interest, I will research how much they would charge per person and how many people are needed to reserve the space.


For those that are unfamilar with Monmouth Park, I have attached their website below.


Let me know if you are interested.





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if it is not tooo late to respond I am a new member and have not navigated around yet nor do i know how to use this site to my benfit. I'd be into going to the horse races.

Hi Nick,

You put this out there almost a year ago and I haven't seen anything planned. Did you still want to do this and make it an event?

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